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Originally Posted by riding9 View Post
Usually cooking for about 10 people and it doesn't need to be portable. I heard that the 22wsm is hard to maintain a temp under 275 is that true and thanks for all the responses.
WSM's of either size run a little hot until they're "broken in" which, if you fill it with butts could be one cook

While they are good for "beginners" I'm sure Slap Yo' Daddy or Rhythm & Que would both tell you they work ok for "pros'" as well!

I have few if any temp issues with any of mine, and when I do, it's usually because something got bent out of round during transport, which is easily fixed. Mine all settle in around 230-260 once they're going right

I know many use stokers or guru's on theirs, but I've found no need for one.

I have nothing against UDS's, and you sure can't beat the price, but for performance, portability, and price, I don't think you can come close to a WSM, even if it isn't anywhere near as "sexy" as a Jambo, Spicewine, BWS, PCC, etc. And none of those are even remotely in your stated price range!
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