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Default Hello from Tacoma, WA

I have always been a fan of fire, I come from a ceramics background and worked in sales and repairs, I know my way around refractories and the firing of japanese wood kilns for ceramics. We would split 5 cords of wood for a single 5day firing of round the clock 2300F temps, then seal her up and wait a week for temps to drop down to 100F or so. So in essence similar to bbq, just on a different scale. My family recently moved into our new home with a bit o space, so I can finally grill outside. I found a weber 18in kettle that had been used 4 times by the previous owner that came with all imaginable goodies for 60$, then I picked up a WSM 18in for 200$ that had never been fired up, it just sat unused in the previous owners garage. I am tired of the mediocre local takeout bbq, so I am happy now to learn how to make my own. So far I have seasoned my WSM with a load of bacon, and tried my hand at my first bone in pork butt, all in all so far so good. I look forward to learning from all of you.

I would share some pictures, but I dont have the ability yet.
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