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Originally Posted by revkab View Post
Regarding which smoker is the best of the best -

The best smoker is the one you can cook with the best. Get a smoker and learn how it runs, then get good with it. That WSM you been talking about will work real well, so will a UDS. If'n ya wants to have fun, get the WSM, then git started building a UDS. Learn those real well, THEN think about what to git next. Lotsa good advise here on everything from building to Q'ing.
thats exactly what i was thinking, except im absolutely terrible with building things. hell i could barely change a tube on a bicycle back in my bike racing days, which is why ill probably stay away from a usd for a bit.

i might have to prove to both myself and the future wife that i want to cook and keep cooking so that i can convince both of us an extremely nice smoker would be a wise investment
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