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Originally Posted by I QUE For You View Post
Hello, looking for a little info about the KCBS competition format. I have been away from competition for several years and just joined KCBS again last night.

Can someone explain the comp format in simple terms for me? In the past comps were all about the same but it seems to me that the category you compete in has changed. Master, backyard, competitor serries. How do I know what category I should be in?

Thanks in advance for any clarification.

Master Series are the Pro comps. These are currently the only comps that count towards Team of the Year in KCBS. The rules are consistent from comp to comp. These are the comps that you are most likely familiar with from 6 years ago, they just didn't have the "Master Series" name.

Competitor Series are typically invitational type of events. These events don't count towards the TOY. The organizer can make whatever rules or format they want with these.

Backyard contests are a great way to get back in to competing, if you can find comps in your area. You typically won't see pro teams being allowed to cook these. Also, backyard contests often don't have all 4 meats. KCBS is looking to have a backyard TOY points chase, I'm just not sure where it is in development.

Good luck and welcome back to this crazy world of bbq.
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