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Originally Posted by ChrisBarb View Post
But the mats are plastic, right? How do they get hot enough to actually grill anything? Can you get actual grill marks?
They are "grill mats", as in they are used on a grill to prevent food from falling through the grate or sticking to it.
You don't get grill marks when you cook on foil or in a pan, either.
They are a convenience. I cooked for 4 decades, at least, without one. I use a piece of mat to cook meatloaf on, because it tends to sag between the bars, grabbing hold of the grate. Or for delicate fish, which tends to stick, in place of pierced foil, since the mat is reusable after washing.
Most foods can be cooked on a totally clean and oiled grate, which takes time, and careful handling of the food so it is cooked enough so as to have formed a crust to prevent the food from breaking up.
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