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Default Advice on doing a first BBQ for a crowd

ok guys, I have this event that is being planned for 1st of March. I am going to use my side burner smoker to cook up butts/BBQ for a bunch of customers and want to do a good job. (I have access to a second one if needed) I donít have a head count estimate yet but would guess between 50-100 people+. We are sales guys who never catered a thing. 2 of us just really like cooking on the grills and are still learning, two more are worker bees. We want to do this to add a real personal touch to the event. Itís not a really big thing, but it kinda is for us.

Charcoal or wood only and need to make a good showing. I plan to cook up at least 2 (Different times) to practice and get it right before this event so I have a little time. Allso going to play hard cooking up other things on this smoker for practice between now and then, ribs especially. Iím getting better at them. I figure it will help me get better at my temp and smoke control. 2 channel thermo on the way. Got a rub I'm pretty happy with. I am going to have a mix of commercial sauce and homemade.

I have always done buts with a crock pot after a couple hours of smoking and want to stop doing that for obvious reasons. And here I won't have electricity handy anyway. I am Devouring (and really enjoying) Mike Mills book Peace, Love and BBQ and learning a lot. The more I learn, the more I want to learn and the more I want to BBQ.

Here are the questions for now:
1. How many # of Meat per person do you think we should have?
2. Same Q for Slaw, fries, beans and hush puppies.
3. Should I stick with Charcoal or have wood too? I really want to use at least some real wood, and want to get good at it with more wood than charcoal but I donít want to over-smoke either, especially at this thing.
4. What kind of time do you think I should allow getting the meat done? We are going to start early in the morning and need to have meat ready by about 11:30am

Iím open for any and all advice. Iíve got time to practice up and plan. This is a customer appreciation gathering and we want to be a few steps better than the usual burnt cheap burgers and dogs that these guys are used to. I figure Iíll use my turkey fryer to turn out decent commercial/frozen fries and hush puppies.

1. Have a bunch of happy well fed customers who will remember who had a great event.
2. Be able to handle it all and still socialize with about 4 people working.
3. Not go broke. Funds are limited which is why we are not hiring this out in the first place. Iím hoping to pull it off for a couple hundred bucks.
4. Have a great time!

Yeah, I know I might be nuts. Never done this before, but we are gonna give it a go anyway. What say ye brethren?
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