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In most cases with food the old rule "If in doubt, throw it out!" should be followed, IMO.

Having said that, with ground beef (you didn't say it was beef, but that is the most commonly found ground meat product IME) you can usually tell by color and smell if it is still viable. If you think it is, you might consider incorporating it into cooked foods such as sauces, burgers, etc. The cooking should provide enough heat to kill bacteria. After cooking, you can vacuum seal it for freezing.

UNDERSTAND, PLEASE . . . that this is your own decision and not my recommendation. Five years ago, I experienced a massive infection of streptococcus millerii at the site of an artificial knee joint. It did not happen in relation to the implant surgery but occurred 4 years later. It almost killed me. I was in the hospital with a Pick line dumping meds directly into the blood vessel leading into the heart for 33 days. They tell me that I now have a compromised immune system causing me to take antibiotics twice a day, every day, for the rest of my life. I would take the loss on the meat because of that.
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