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Originally Posted by tbag View Post
I have read a few places that the vacuum sealer does seal the bags but after a little while (either in the fridge og freezer) the seal is not air tight anymore.

Anyone had that same experience? If thats so then I will not buy one (at least not a cheap one)
I have the Weston and I have had items lost in the back of the freezer almost 2 years old and they are still vac-sealed as tight as they were when they came off the vac-sealer. The food is fresh, has no freezer-burn, and no off flavors.

Even when boiling food in the food safe microwaveable/boilable bags they retain their vac-seal with no air inside..

Maybe the unit others were using wasn't making a proper seal or maybe were not sealed correctly. Something wasn't properly sealed if it is no longer air-tight as you described.

Originally Posted by Bacon Weakling View Post
I've used both the PolyScience and the FoodSaver. Although I prefer the FoodSaver machine, the PolyScience plastic rolls are cheaper. I haven't tried the PolyScience Bag on the FoodSaver machine to see if it works, though.
The foodsaver can use any standard micro-channel bag. Even the inexpensive Vac-Master bags and rolls.
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