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Originally Posted by dbeast420 View Post
I've got what appears to be the same #'s stamped in the side of my drum.

Here they are......

N1 A2/Y1.5/100/9

I'm curious to know what they mean too.
N = UN specification (should say UN according to my sources)
1 = drum
A = steel (H would mean plastic, G for fiber)
2 = open head (1 would mean tight head or closed drum)
Y = Suitable for packing group II or III products (X would be I,II,III; Z would be only III)
1.5/100 = liquids up to a specific gravity of 1.5, drum must withstand pressure of 100 kPa
If the drum were made for transporting solids this part would be a number (kilograms) followed by /S
9 = should indicate year of manufacture, in this case probably 2009
any fields beyond this would indicate country of origin, manufacturer, etc.

I think drums with "100" are 20 gauge, drums with "150" are 18 gauge and drums with "175" or "200" are 16 gauge.

I don't know what "packing group" means, and the actual spec is proprietary.


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