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Anthony - thanks for the suggestion. I'll give the HC with apple a go.

Thanks Chris for the suggestion of keeping the fat cap b/t the heat and the meat. We'll give that a try too.

In terms of the process, the brisket is cooked fat side up until 165, then wrapped in a flavorful liquid until hitting 195, its pulled from the cooker, and sent for a nap until we are ready for slicing.

It looks good during the whole process, and gets a spray of apple juice after two hours, and every hour until foil.

Here's what I don't understand: it gets sliced, looks super moist, and within a couple minutes you need a chaser to get it down. The flavor is getting lost in the dryness, which we can't seem to get past.

I agree with you Steve, the flavor model is proven. Even modifying the trim, we're still missing something.

Our local is just around the corner, and in 2005 we got RGC. 2006 we got blanked. Trying to make a strong showing.
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