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Originally Posted by trohrs123 View Post
Thanks for all the input so far. I totally get the first impression thing, the care that went into the box thing etc.
I guess different judging class instructors will focus on slightly different things, but I remember our instructor saying that the appearance should make you want to dive in that box and go to town on it. The more delcious the meat looks the higher the score. if you look at the box and your thinking that you dont want to taste it it should score low.
With that being said, some threads in the competiton section that ask for people to judge their turn box have gotten suggestions like, " the burnt ends arent facing in all the same direction", etc
Based on the criteria stated above, I am not so sure that if the burnt ends are all facing the same way, it makes the judge want to "dive into the box and go to town" on the meat.
I think the suggestions you will typically see mentioned on this forum as opposed to a judging class are the very minute details. Some may be meaningful and others less so.. but every little bit helps even if a team only remembers a few of them as a final "check list"
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