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Default Salad Bowl Top - FWIW - I Am Squatchin'

My son Andrew got me interested in a UDS build. I went with a smaller, new 30 gal drum. I wanted a higher top, with a grate at top of drum, one about 8 inches below that and one grate sitting atop the fire case.

Andrew obtained a SS chimney he decided not to use and gave it to me.

I ordered a wide bottom SS salad bowl in place of the Weber top and added steel I had planned to fashion. I drilled a hole in the top of the bowl and added a therm that samples temps at top grate level or close.

Drum as 4 - .75" vents, one with a valve (the valve is smooth type for use with copper tube, which I had, fitted no solder) and is waist high.

I am "Squatchin' !"

First smoke, I used about half chimney of briquets, at about 80% I dumped into basket and added 3 2" x 6" pieces of apple wood, then covered with about half chimney of unlit lump, opened all the vents, loaded two grates with chicken thighs on lower and legs on top, covered and let it rip.

Half hour later temp was at 280 and I closed two vents and cut valve vent to 50%. Hour later, temp was 248, so I opened valve full.

Hour later, temp still at far seems to be doing what it was supposed to do.

One note. Using salad bowl with 22-inch wide rim extends over edge of barrel, and moisture does runs down side and drips to pavement...not a lot, but enough to suggest a means to counter.
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