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did a 10 lb packer on Labor Day. I have a nice offset. I put the point facing the fire box as far away as I could get it. I smoked it at an avg of 275 to 280 for pretty much the entire 10 hr cook. I never foiled and my fat cap was down. It had a beautiful bark when i finished. I pulled it for a couple of reasons. My flat looked like it was shrinking excessively. It wasnt all that big to begin with. It was tender but not as tender as I would have liked. It was at about 185 to 190 internal at the flat. I pulled and rested 1 hr. When I sliced the flat, the first 3/4 inch was pretty much waste. I thought it was dry until I started getting closer to the middle to back 1/3 of the flat. It was a choice grade brisket. I ended up with a nice smoke ring and the bark was amazing but the first 1/3 of the flat were dry IMO.

any thoughts?
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