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Originally Posted by bigabyte View Post
Each person has their own belief on which way the fat side should go, but I am convinced it works best as a heat shield. If your heat comes from below (like in a BGE), then I cook fat side down. If the heat comes from above (like in an offset because the heat goes to the top of the cooker and flows out to the stack) then the fat side goes up. Not everyone agrees with that though, and as long as they can turn out good brisket with their method, that's all that matters.

Glad to hear you enjoyed the brisket.
See, if you're cooking on a BGE you would already have a heat deflector in place (Plate Setter), right? This is my logic for cooking fat side up on the BGE, so the as the fat renders it "self-bastes." I guess, again, the point is "to each his own."

Also, not sure if that self-basting idea is hogwash or not.
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