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Originally Posted by eap0510 View Post
This is actually what I am hoping to accomplish in that I take what I already know, and has gotten the occasional call, and add to it. There is something that I am missing and I am hopeful that the videos could provide me with what I am missing.
The biggest issue in my opinion that I am having is achieving the correct tenderness. When I nail the tenderness I have gotten a call. The problem is that hitting the correct tenderness seems to be hit or miss with the majority of the time being a miss.

I know what you mean.. for me to nail my tenderness, I have to be really consistent in maintaining certain temps and timing. One of these is missing you can end up being too under or over.. fortunately here is TX where IBCA is most dominant it's better to be a little over than under. Judges use a plastic fork and knife to sample. I've found myself adding time to my timelines this past year.. it hasn't hurt me any
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