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Originally Posted by JS-TX View Post
I'll have to agree with being able to re-watch the videos as needed. I took a class in person about 4 years ago and to this day I wish I could see a couple things done again. It's one thing to have something described to you but to see it close up is great.

I think BBQ classes are a little different for everyone, for some - especially beginners it becomes their bible on how they do everything, for experienced cooks it can be a new twist on something they already do or a recipe they never imagined would/could work. Quite often people will combine what they learned to what they already know and do.. which is probably the best takeaway IMO.
This is actually what I am hoping to accomplish in that I take what I already know, and has gotten the occasional call, and add to it. There is something that I am missing and I am hopeful that the videos could provide me with what I am missing.
The biggest issue in my opinion that I am having is achieving the correct tenderness. When I nail the tenderness I have gotten a call. The problem is that hitting the correct tenderness seems to be hit or miss with the majority of the time being a miss.
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