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Default Benefits Both Ways

Originally Posted by tduffy View Post
Absolutely no way I'd pay that price for an online, pre-recorded class. For just a little more you could go to an actual class and see it all done right in front of you, answer every question and taste the end product and the tenderness. Which is in the end what matters and an online video cannot provide.
Benefits Both Ways without a doubt. I personally teach two live classes per year. I can see the argument as to which is best either way. I agree with being able to taste and feel proper tenderness at a live class is great, but going to a class can easily cost two to three times what the online classes costs. With class entry, travel (airline or fuel costs), meals, two nights in a motel can run that cost way up. I have had folks come to middle Georgia from California, Canada, New York, and so on...with their round trip airline cost, rental car, and two nights motel the cost was easily in the $2000 range.
I think the Tell All video classes have added benefits also with being able to watch the processes over and over as much as you want. It's very hard for students at live classes to take the notes they need while at the same time watching everything that's going on. Then every time you can't remember something you have to contact the pitmaster that did the class. It can easily take a couple of days to get that detail communicated, that's where I see online classes having a huge advantage. With the high deff 4K video used in the BBQ Champs Academy classes, you can literally see the desired tenderness of the products. Taste, well that's a different story for sure. If you use exactly what the pitmaster does in the videos you will get that taste in the end to know what he or she desired.
I addition one of the great things about BBQ Champs Academy videos is that Mike Steele, the founder of BBQ Champs is right there asking those questions for you. Is it exact, probably not but in advance each of us made up a long list of questions that are asked in live classes and Mike does a great job of asking those at the right times.
Thank you for your thoughts and have a great night.
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