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Originally Posted by eap0510 View Post
Thanks Robby and Cmikes for your input on this subject. You all have definitely given me something to think about. I like the fact that you guys are available by video and by chat so that if we run into issue or questions we can get them resolved.

Are there any plans to keep the videos up to date? If they are updated will we need to purchase another set or would they be included in the price we already paid?
Great question, that is the exact reason we have created BBQ Champs Academy Private Facebook pages, the only people who will have access on that page is customers that purchase the "All Access" package for a BBQ Champs pitmaster. If I change anything as far as recipes, sauces, injections, or techniques that work I will post videos on my Private BBQ Champs Academy Facebook page. I will also be going live during competitions from time to time on the private FB page during different processes or even to maybe give the customer exactly what they want to see about a particular technique. Building turn in boxes and so on. That way we are always giving you our latest information. The customer also has 24 access to that private page to watch videos as much as they want! I hope this helps to answer your question!
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