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Default Questions for new teams, small teams, and even people who have not competed that want to compete

Have you ever considered combining teams to pool resources? Expenses to compete are pretty high. Its hard to be a team of one or a husband/wife team.

Now some folks thats fine and it works for them. I know its hard on us to compete because of expense and also family obligations. Alot of times my wife can't be there and that puts the brakes on for us.

Just out curiousity what would it take to entice you to combine resources and start new teams?

If your wondering yeah I am looking at starting a new team. I am open to a new name and giving up control of some categories. Depends on how many people might be interested in doing this. Just gauging interest and trying to get an idea of what it would take to put something together. Keep in mind I don't plan to compete tons maybe just a few times a year.

We don't have to live close just have to be able to get to the contests. If its a team of 2 you cook 2 categories and I cook 2 and split it up further depending on how many people want to do this.

I am not looking to compete again until 2020.
I will bring beer :)
Hit me up and ask questions and we can talk about at least one trial event in 2020.
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