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Found some matches.
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Default Is this thing on?

Joined a few days ago and have already borrowed/stolen a couple of recipes and tips. Reside in North Texas (Sunday home of the Dallas Cowboys). For the last 5 years we have been living with and caring for my wife's 95 year-old mother so there isn't a lot of time to spend tending to a smoker. That is why I went with a Masterbuilt electric when I started looking for something to fill the void when I stopped officiating high school basketball after 11 years.

I know some (maybe many) don't think what I do is "real smoking" but the meat is good and my brisket did get better reviews at a church gathering over one using the "traditional" approach. Fortunately for me there is a co-worker who competes and I can pick his brain as well.

Anyway...may not post much, but will be lurkin and learnin.
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