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Originally Posted by SmokinJohn View Post
Sorry for your troubles. Welcome to one of the biggest problems in California.

And the rules change almost on a whim it seems. For example, a few years ago, you could not have a smoker inside your truck that was active while you were rolling. Spicewine trailers were a wonderful workaround. Down here in SoCal, a guy called the TriTipTruck Man has a smoker inside his truck, and it looks like he can operate it while rolling.

There was a person who was blatantly advertising his pop-up service on Instagram and Facebook. If I recall, he partnered up with a top chef before the state got him.

I do know this: Integrity will win in the end. Hang in there.
Thanks SJ just found 2 more this weekend that advertise as "Put in your order before we sell out and PM for delivery or drop off". I am turning a blind eye to it all now because I have my answers I need. I did speak with 2 people that verbatim said..... Do it illegally because they make it impossible for you to make money and California will always have their hand in your pockets.

the only gray area I think that they are onto is that when they get approved for a pop-up location, a place that pays them to come cook, they are making extra food and selling it. Which again no direct sales are allowed or merchant sales but still.

My question is as a BBQ caterer and cook for hire business, can you make money? Is it worth it? Either way I am invested thousands to find out and I know that the smoker trailer has resale value so it will not be a total wash.
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