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Dave your already way ahead of the curve with your background, I wish you the best it's hard to do this as a business anywhere these days with what your dealing with out there I don't envy the obstacles you have to make a buck legally.

Those social media bandits you've had your eye on are everywhere these days, Facebook could care less about them and there's so many of them doing it successfully I often question if mobile BBQ is worth the extra effort compared to something along the lines of a Tex-Mex or specialty sandwich operation with a fraction of the overhead and less work involved.

We've gone outside the box at big events with a spare trailer and done Cuban Medianoches, Asian dishes, Cajun Choupique etc. and it all sell's out without the added work of a BBQ cooker and the extra personnel to run it.

If you want to move to the Midwest look me up, I've always got positions for someone like you to run an event unit and a crew if you want to scratch the itch.

I appreciate that Bob! Wife has my earn turned to move out of this state. She has 2 years of Nursing school. The issue I have is I am a big time Duck hunter. It is tough to beat the pacific flyway. I am going to take some out of state trips the next 2 years and see if I can find me a honey hole somewhere. Just last night I messaged someone that I saw doing exactly what I want at a local place, but he read the message and did not respond. I really want to do the mobile food trailer....
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