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Originally Posted by Bucknekked View Post
Big Dave:
There's another fellow who has a pretty interesting thread on opening a BBQ restaurant.

While it may be a little different than your situation, he has his struggles with the health folks and every other type of regulation as well. I have seen several folks come in with "Gee, I'd like to start a catering business, what do you think?" threads and after having read his thread they come away with a much more realistic view of the challenge. Some go ahead, some don't.

My wife has asked me this very question "why don't you open a BBQ gig when you retire?" My answer has been "all the regulations would strangle me". I don't know the answer to your situation, but, I think there are plenty of folks who have already done it that they could give you excellent ideas BEFORE you spend your money.

I think the #1 thing working against you is the state you live in and the mountain of regulations and laws they have. I can't think of another place as laden with regulation. I wish you all the luck in the world and I hope this thread keeps going and provides some good insights. Its possible to get it done because people are doing it. I just don't know how compliant they are.
Hey Buck!

I have been searching this forum for days and I finally found someone that would talk to me. they live 15 minutes from me and did their own BBQ catering / cook for hire. They broke it all down to me and unfortunately it is what I thought..... A lot of non-compliant cooking. California is tough on food service "street side" especially northern California.

I am too far invested to turn back now, but I think if I use a lot of the information I gathered from here I will be okay. It will be more expensive than doing it illegally but things:
Minimum charges
Delivery fees
Catering fees
set up costs
Detailed per person cost

It will all give me good profit margins to work with.

Luckily for me food is my passion and it has been an income for me in some way or another for over 15 years, So the age old "If you love something don't make it a job" does not affect me. The only difference now is instead of pointing the fingers at others to do the low end work, those fingers will be pointed right back at me!
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