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Big Dave:
There's another fellow who has a pretty interesting thread on opening a BBQ restaurant.

While it may be a little different than your situation, he has his struggles with the health folks and every other type of regulation as well. I have seen several folks come in with "Gee, I'd like to start a catering business, what do you think?" threads and after having read his thread they come away with a much more realistic view of the challenge. Some go ahead, some don't.

My wife has asked me this very question "why don't you open a BBQ gig when you retire?" My answer has been "all the regulations would strangle me". I don't know the answer to your situation, but, I think there are plenty of folks who have already done it that they could give you excellent ideas BEFORE you spend your money.

I think the #1 thing working against you is the state you live in and the mountain of regulations and laws they have. I can't think of another place as laden with regulation. I wish you all the luck in the world and I hope this thread keeps going and provides some good insights. Its possible to get it done because people are doing it. I just don't know how compliant they are.
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