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Originally Posted by tduffy View Post
What does that judge seating program have anything to do with calling out ****ty judges?
The judge seating program and counseling judges about their scoring while judging is still in progress are both examples of KCBS having a direct impact on the results of the contest.

I formed my opinion about counseling or removing judges during the first year of Sam's Club. At the Austin local I believe two judges were dismissed due to low scores. Afterwards it came up while I was around a very well known, and successful cook, that I know you know. He wasn't pleased and his rational was that every team should have had the opportunity to hit that same table. I can't argue with that logic. I believe that the same applies to counseling a judge about their scoring during judging. If they adjust, every entry they judged prior is at a disadvantage. The organization responsible for administering a fair and unbiased contest will have a direct impact on the outcome.

Based on your posts, you believe that judge seating is a train wreck. I haven't researched the results enough to pick a side in that debate. I don't support seating judges based on their scoring average for a number of reasons, but what I personally believe isn't relevant here. By seating the judges KCBS is having a direct impact on the results. In your public opinion it's a negative impact. In the opinion of those that support the policy it's positive. What can't be debated is that KCBS has a direct impact, either positive or negative, on the outcome of the contest.

If influencing a judge to change their scoring is fair game, deciding where judges sit based on HOW THEY SCORE should be as well.

Finally, before getting back to work, my initial post wasn't directed at you specifically. You've been vocal about these issues and it's representative of the way a lot of people feel. If you took it any other way, feel free to shoot me a PM.
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