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Originally Posted by sleebus.jones View Post
Down here on the Texas gulf coast, I was concerned about humidity and my pellets falling apart, jamming or otherwise. Bought airtight storage boxes for them on the porch. Well, then I ended up buying more pellets on sale than I could keep in a box, so in the bag on the porch they sat. Been about a year now for several bags and they are just as fine as they day I bought them. It's a deep porch and they don't get any rain spray, but they are essentially outside.

I also don't dump my pellets (can't) but they get used pretty frequently. Cookers are also under the same porch. I'll move them from one cooker to the other so the ones that have been out the longest get used first, but that's about as much as I do.

As long as you keep them out of water, they should be fine.
Well there you go!! It will be interesting over time to hear if anybody does run into trouble or if indeed moisture does affecting cooking.

I was thinking the other night about people that don’t have a dump feature can shop vac them out or get a bucket head for a 5 gallon bucket and suck em out and then put a lid on and call it a day! I think the bucket head is like $20 or $30 bucks if they still make them? A five gallon bucket is a great way to store pellets, not to mention they are only a few bucks at HD or Lowes. I attached a video below of the bucket head.

Originally Posted by DMosher View Post
I pulled the trigger on a Mak 2 star last week from Big Poppa Smokers. Will be delivered to the house tomorrow. Sitting at the freight yard right now. Looking forward to adding some posts to this thread in the coming weeks.
Nice! Looks like a nice grill. Certainly would like to hear some feedback on it.
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