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Default pipe thing

Originally Posted by Blutch
Mo, I'm not following you on the pipe thing.. do you have any pics?

Also, you have to light the charcoal outside of the drum? If so, you light it in the basket then after it catches you somehow place it in the barrel? I'm missing something I think.


No pics, but the pipe is just an L shap, the muffler shop has bent for me with the short end going into the barrel and the long end upright outside the smoker, cost me about 12 bucks. The ball valve is a tight fit for the one I have but I guess you could have the pipe threaded, just remenber to put the valve on before mounting it to the barrel or you may not be able to screw it on. If the valve is to lose try wraping duck tape or plumbers tape around the pipe end severl times and the valve should screw on to that for a better fit. Next time I may move up to a 2 1/2 pipe and 2/12 valve.

On the basket I have welded a handle that loops over the top just like an Easter basket, then I use a fireplace poker to reach in and hook it to either pull it out or put it back in. Saves you from haveing to reach down so far into the barrel and getting your arm and shrit all messed up, been there done that. Also keep your hands away from the heat.

One other thing. I have a welder but I am not that good with it and barrels for me are hard to weld. So next time I will have the muffler shop weld a mounting plate to the short end of the pipe with starter holes drilled for sheet metal screws and maybe put a neopream gasket, behide that for a good fit.

As far as all the other brackit for the racks and handles I will also drill holes for them, much neater that way, hope that helps. Fun to make and really work great. And I use a metal hole saw to cut th pipe hole, if using a 2 in pipe I would recomend using a 1 an 3/4 in saw. The hole being cut on a rounded surface will be much biger than the 2 in pipe and harder to fill the gap. Gusse you could just cut a squire hole.
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