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Question Downgrading to 18.5 WSM

Need some advice here. I own a 22.5" WSM but I want to get rid of it and downgrade to an 18.5". My reason being I would like to try my hand in the spring at some bbq competitions. Since I'm still new to the bbq game I figure I could easily transport those in a mid size car, without any extra trailers, overhead storage bins, ect. Money and space wise it make since to me, or maybe I am just another Harry Soo wannabe. At any rate I was considering 1 of 2 options.

1. Sell the WSM 22.5" outright, and buy 2 new 18.5" s Its in fair condition, 6 months old with minor scratches and dings. Heat shield is pretty bent up but works great. Its not an air tight unit but it holds temp great. It has been modded with nomex on the lid and fire door. I was thinking about asking $350 on local CL and settling for $275.

2. I thought about posting on CL for a trade because I would like a used WSM 18.5. I was thinking if a person traded me their WSM 18.5 plus a $100 upgrade fee, maybe that would work. There are few and far between used WSMs in my area, and I rather buy used. I figure if its pre seasoned and in good condition why not.

Any advice would be helpful, trying to decide on this within the next month or so.
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