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Sam's Club events were a missed opportunity to make a bigger impact. I thought the organization in Harrisburg was decent.
Public interest was zero.
Imo kcbs should pursue bringing it back but should figure out how to involve the public more.
A people's choice comp would go a long way.

In general comps need to lower entrance fees. Most are far too high and are pricing themselves out of existance.
The old response of comp bbq is expensive is true but you might get more folks out that normally don't compete out if that entrance fee is lower. Such as local folks wanting to take a shot at big shots.
There are comps I would have done in the past if the entrance fees were lower.

One thing all teams could do that would help is stop sitting in the trailers come out and visit with the public or new teams. Make them feel welcome. Let them know you appreciate their support.
Answer their questions. Show them your pit.
When you have a free moment. I am not asking you to compromise your cook. I am asking you to make an effort to show your appreciation for folks coming out to support an event. Instead of packing up after brisket turn in leave up your setup until after awards. Try to make an effort to speak with folks after turn in.
I get your tired. We all need to make more of an effort to show folks we appreciate their support.

I am sure I will get negative feedback on some of my opinions. If you got better ideas then share them please.
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