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Default KCBS Next Steps/Goals/Focus ?!?!?!?

What do YOU want to see the KCBS focus on? I'm not connected to them, but I am a member and CBJ. They have a new CEO and a BOD that seems to be wanting to be in better touch with the membership and it's DO we want to see from the KCBS? I'm so new being a CBJ and Comp Cook that I'm not sure I have a good understanding of what could be improved.

I do hope that they have a goal/mission/focus to help decide what to do and what NOT to do. A multi-faceted focus will only lead to projects that aren't given 100% and result in less-than best results. My hope would be that the focus be as directed and specific as possible. If a project/idea doesn't fit it, it doesn't get time/money/attention.

I hope that the KCBS "brand" can grow under the new CEO while doing whatever cleaning-up needs to be done. Even more so, I would hope that the membership will step-up every chance they get to help and not just critique/complain.

Sometimes in membership organizations there is a US vs THEM thinking from the members to the BOD/CEO/Office....I hope that moving forward this isn't the case for KCBS. We are all in this because we LOVE BBQ. Slow-smoked (or hot-n-fast) food should bring people together....let's do that.

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