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Thumbs down New unlined UDS drums still have a rust inhibitor!?

I just posted a thread on my completed UDS. I have not had time to season it. It's just sitting there looking pretty.

I bought a new unlined drum because I didn't want to do a high temp burnout. For some reason I started looking into whether "unlined" actually meant "pure steel." It turns out that unlined drums (at least mine) have a rust inhibitor applied internally. After calling the company and numerous other companies it appears that no one knows what this rust inhibitor actually is. I finally talk to an engineer from another company who says they use a clear alkyd paint on the inside of new unlined drums for rust prevention. He advises a propane torch and wire brush to clean this rust inhibitor off of this "unlined" drum. He said it is not food safe at "high" temps.


Seems like I need to disassemble the smoker and either light one hell of a fire in it or get out the propane torch. I went with the original drum paint so I guess I'll be repainting after the exterior paint and interior rust inhibitor are gone.

Anyone agree or disagree with this?


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