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Originally Posted by VitaminQ
I've heard that lettuce can be as significant a source of salmonella as chicken, but maybe it was e. coli. Anyway, evidently some of the pre-washed bagged salads have turned out to be not-so-washed here lately.
The problem here, is when any food is over or highly processed, the risk of contamination is greater.
If the outside of the lettuce had some form of contamination, you wouldn't know it at home. But chances are that you would probably discard the few outside layers anyway. You are probably only using a head or two, or maybe less for your salad or whatever.

But here you have a factory that might not have as stringent of a quality control system,processing tons of material at a time.
One contaminated head of lettuce gets into this process and is chopped and exposed to all the others, contaminating everything.

Then this stuff is bagged, and sits for how long in warehouses and trucks before you get it, giving it a good long time for the bacteria to multiply.
Especially now with all the exposed cut edges of the lettuce.

A salad really isn't that hard to make, so I would suggest staying away from the processed bagged stuff.
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