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Originally Posted by Bigmista
You're not delerious. That is exactly what it is. Since I am on a balcony, it would be extremely inconvenient trying to dump the whole barrel. Plus it would end up with ash going over the side and that isn't a good idea since the apartment manager living directly under me. With the setup I have, I wait a day or two to make sure there are no lit embers. Then I give the charcoal grate a shake so all of the ash falls thru in to the pan (plus the unused coal stays in the grate for the next cook). Then I just dump the used ash into an old charcoal bag.

Thinking about building my own (Don't tell the wife). Right now I'm trying to locate as much info as possible from fellow Bretren. How do you remove the ash pan without tipping the hole unit? Also, as far as supporting the cooking grates, which is better - bolts or welded brackets? One of my neighbors is a welder, so it wouldn't be a problem to ask him for assistance.


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