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Default Why?

Somewhere amongst the post holiday blues and the onset of cabin fever, I do what most cooks do and start thinking about what competitions I am going to cook in the coming season. The KCBS website is usually where my search starts because I can search for contests by state, dates or even by what reps will be officiating a particular event. After I find a contest that fits my particular schedule and is within reasonable distance, the next logical step is to contact the person listed and request information about their event.

I know what it takes in the way of sanctioning, organizing, promoting and executing a contest and it is no small task. With that being said, my question is this. With all the effort that some organizers put into their contests, why in the hell can't they reply to people who are interested in cooking their event?

I have sent two emails and left one voicemail requesting information about a particular contest listed on the KCBS website and have yet to get the first response from the contact person. Once they receive sanctioning, they are posted on the website and also published in the Bullsheet so in my opinion they had better be ready to respond to requests for information. This is not the only tme this has happened to me and I'm sure it has happened to a lot of you also.

To invest all the time and money to get your event sanctioned then not reply to your perspective customer base makes as much sense to me as to rent a store front, stock it with the best items available and never unlock the front doors to let people in.
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