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Default Why do we moderate the way we do.

Folks, I am pulling this from a previous post I put up so it is not interpreted to be targeting any one individual. It is not. It is some general thought in response to some recent events and comments made to me in several ways. Personally, PM, phone calls etc. Many have heard it from me first hand, others may have learned the hard way.

Why do we moderate the way we do.??

Our guidelines have some very specific requirements.??? Heres a snip from our rules documents which can be found in the welcome section.

Originally Posted by Our rules document

NO personal attacks. NO attacks of any kind. Recognizing that everyone has, and is entitled to an opinion, if your opinion comes across as antagonistic, bad karma, insulting or hurtful, keep it to yourself. Any meaningless post that is nothing more than a negative comment or is strictly there to antagonize, will be edited or deleted. Any post with no redeeming quality or deemed negative by moderators will be deleted. In other words, you are NOT allowed to be a jerk just to chit stir or piss people off. Moderators do not have time to be putting out flame wars.

NO nudity, porn or seductive pictures. of any type, anywhere in any forum. NONE. There is zero tolerance for this. It will be deleted immediately and don’t even think of complaining.

NO lewd, vulgar or off color language. Minor profanity (Damn It!) is okay.

So, the question was presented, why do moderate so fast? For example, we take down suggestive photos very quickly.. and other times, people have asked or commented/complimented us on how we remain so civil and respectful of one another.

We are not thin skinned prudes here. The deal is, we never want any of you to be embarrassed by what pops up on your screen when surrounded by family(or at work with co workers present). (I am not saying anyone has in a long time). Why should there be a need to explain to your wife or daughter the nude photo on the BBQ SITE?. We WANT you to be able to leave our site open in the kitchen or family room to make it easy to check in.

On the same token, we do not want any of you to be injected into the middle of a flame war among members, or subject to hurtful or insulting rhetoric regarding controversial or personal issues. We want to keep this as a safe haven and family friendly where you are confident that you can come to relax with friends without being surrounded by bad karma or embarrassing content.

In the case of flaming or bad karma, it is not the moderators, but you folks who do it for the most part on your own. Its rare a moderator has had to jump into a flame war beginning. I thank you all for that.

From the success of this board and thru comments both publicly and thru PM I believe 99.999% of our members are happy with our culture and its guidelines. As I have said before, unfortunately, we cannot make everyone happy. There are some that do not like us, our culture and especially our moderators, but we don't force anyone to log in here. We will however take action when someone repeatedly breaks the rules or continually crosses the line. Depending on the infraction, they will loose privileges, access to some forums, PM's, Email, etc. However, I think with the help of the general membership, we are pretty successful in making this forum what it set out to be.

Again, this is not targeting any specific individuals, just answering a few questions and leaving it here for reference.

On Edit.. heres another rant from long ago.
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