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DivaQ has an awesome class. Very good teacher. Great class for someone starting out. It upped my game. Although there are other people out there that deserve credit too. Just simple things anyone can do imo but are so out there and strange I never thought to try it.

I took a class with 3 Eyez bbq with Dan Hixon a few years back. It was way above the level of class I should have even been in. Although I know he had mentioned a beginners class that he has started since then. A lot of what he was teaching then did not make sense to me then. Some of it is starting to click and I am pulling those notes out and looking at them. My point being if you take a class with Dan Hixon make sure you have some experience under your belt. Unless it is the beginner class

I guess if I had to pick one it would be DivaQ for sure. I keep meaning to pick up her new book too. Plus the class had the best tasting "Apple Juice" :) If you were there you know exactly what I mean. Make sure you ask her about her faux burnt ends if you take her class ever. IF you were in the class at Stone BBQ Supply 2 years ago you will know exactly what I mean lol. I also recommend if you can taking the class at Stone BBQ Supply if you can as the store rocks and I wish they would build another one in Western PA. Seriously the staff is awesome. Very knowledgeable about what they are selling. Great selection and just a great store. Bring lots of money because they have something for everyone. I sound like an ad lol but no affiliation with them just a happy customer that wishes they would build a Pittsburgh based store now that we lost our bbq store.
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