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Originally Posted by Rolling Smoke View Post
Once they receive sanctioning, they are posted on the website and also published in the Bullsheet so in my opinion they had better be ready to respond to requests for information.
I would agree with you there. RnQ has sent out one email and one phone call so far for early-season events, and received timely responses for both. Of course, one response was "we just started having meetings and we'll get back with you", but it was a timely response.

I guess once upon a time publication of sanctioning/date was simply to "reserve" the date in people's minds, and in practice many events just didn't get around to hard information until about 8-12 weeks out. I see dates nearly a year out on the calendar, and suspect this is the case. We still see some of this in action in our region.

However, our team (and I suspect a more than a few others) have planning needs that extend beyond a couple of months. We are literally blocking out our calendar for the year, making allocations for funds, reservations for services, etc.

The bottom line is: if you're capable of handling the sums of money and commitment details to put on a contest, if you're expecting thousands of dollars to roll in from teams, then you're perfectly capable of answering inquiries or providing concrete information in a professional manner.

Of course, the old "if you don't like it, just don't go" argument comes into play -- "let supply and demand work it out". Well, there's the rub. Supply and demand only works where there is reasonable supply. In a region where there aren't multiple contests per weekend for cooks to choose from, they're held hostage to shoddy practices.
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