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"Does he and/or the company know you are not licensed? In our sue happy society, I would make that clear to the payers." every one of IamMadMan's points are as valid as concrete. A company party would be an utter minefield of risk. It is truly amazing how many people think "BBQ" excuses all the health dept does not. The risks are there and up front. Your neighbor most likely does not understand the risks either..or HE should be adverse to accepting the risk as well. If someone gets sick there is rarely one defendant. Lawyers try to hit as many responsible as they can to increase the payout. The business owner would most likely be named in the suit as well. If he was made aware of this he might change his mind...just sayin. Even if you do it "free" they can sue. Although they will have a harder time in court, it is absolutely not impossible for them to win. Although I believe the brunt would go onto the business owner instead of onto "you".
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