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Originally Posted by airedale View Post
Yes, good point. I'll try to remember.

Re scores in Mankato, day 1 my chicken score was 32.3771 vs table average of 33.0270. So 0.35/1% difference. Day 2, my chicken score was 33.0533 vs a table average of 33.1880. So 0.0135/pretty small difference. Both days I gave out four 9s. Day 1 there was one 7. Day 2 there were two 7s. The rest were 8s.

But, as I keep trying to explain: It was not that I didn't like the red chicken. It's just that I was disappointed that no one stepped out from the crowd and gave me something different. And the answer apparently is (as I sort of suspected) is that to do something different is a risky move.

Yes, more than I expected but I'm happy for it. And I have learned some things.
The overall scores for last day was 702.83 for GC and 701.09 for 4th place. Do you know that a 1 point drop in score for taste(9-8 ) from just one judge equates to a reduction of around 2.5 points for the cook?

That means 4th place could have been GC. Now do you see why there is black and white to the rules?
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