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Originally Posted by airedale View Post
That leads to boredom. If all the chicken was savory and unsauced, that would probably be boring too and I'd be longing for a sauced red one.
I just hope you don't punish the teams for that. You might prefer something different, but judge it as presented. They are giving you what MOST judges like. (If most judges didn't like it, you would be getting something else.)

Remember Roger Ebert? Unlike many movie critics, he would sometimes give great reviews to low brow movies. He didn't reserve favorable reviews only for "art" films like some critics do. Not every director is trying to make If a movie was supposed to be a raunchy comedy, he would evaluate it against the spectrum of other raunchy comedies. Did the director execute on what he set out to achieve? Was it funny? Did it hold his attention? Was there craftsmanship in the acting and production values?

Judging is the same way. You might like a sage rosemary chicken, but you have to ask yourself did the cook execute well on what they presented to you? Was it tender? Tasty? A good balance of savoy, smokey, sweet, and heat? Did it look good for what it was? If you are reviewing "Something About Mary" you can't judge it is if it was "Citizen Kane."
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