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Hello all. I am new to the forum here but have been looking in for a month or so now. I have been Grillin, Chillin, Smokin and BBQin for well over 10 years. I recently became a "pellet popper" this last January but still keep my gasser and kettle around for big parties and nostalgia. I have been making my own sauce and rubs for around three years now. I love to brew beer and make Q any day I can, snow, rain, wind or shine. I donated the modest amount for membership as this seems to be a great place to take my game to the next level. I have found a few members here in the great BBQ void we call South Dakota. I will have to make an effort to get ahold of these members and trade some stories and info. I have been looking to start a team (seriously) for about a 6 months now. I found the this forum and thought great idea! I would love to get together with some "local" players and learn to burn and turn some great Q in comps. Where the confusion comes in is I don't see any forum posts here other than this main "instructions" post. What am I missing? Anyway I would love to become a Mentee and am willing to travel 5-6 hours from Rapid City to join in a cook. I am good at taking direction, not scared of some work and can be somewhat flexable. I know we have a few comps here in the state and there is always the Sioux Falls Blues festival every year. Interested please PM me. I would like to get a team going or fill a spot on a team and hit a few comps in 2010. I am ready to get this moving. I look forward to spending more time here and getting to know you all.

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On the bottom left of the screen is a dropdown list box that you need to change from "Last Day" to "Beginning" and you will see some posts.

Good luck!
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