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Originally Posted by ulc View Post
Thanks! Aruba is probably my favorite Caribbean island. We first visited the island back in 2017 for my daughter's Spring Break and fell in love with the island and the beautiful friendly people there. And I agree there are some great restaurants on the island. We had some great meals at Zeerovers, Flying Fishbone, Yemanja, West Deck, and the Dutch Pancake House on our last trip. But we also loved going to Superfood and buying their freshly baked French bread and making sandwiches to take to the beach. I really love the bread, Gouda cheese, and the deli cuts sold there. It reminded me so much of the fantastic cheese, bread, and deli meats you find in Europe. It just tasted better.

This will be my first attempt at taking steaks and cooking while on vacation. Generally, we don't cook during our trip as we like to explore and try the local restaurants. But steak is something I feel like I can do just as good if not better than most restaurants, and I know there will be one night during the week when we will be really tired from our beach day and won't feel like going out to long sit down dinner. That's when I plan to cook the steak and you really can't beat the price/quality of USDA beef as I learned during my travels.

It's only 4 hours direct flight on Delta from Atlanta to Aruba. I should be able to freeze the steaks and place it in soft cooler and take it with me on my carry-on bag. And since the steaks are factory vacuum sealed, Aruba customs shouldn't care. But I've never tried taking steaks through customs so I don't know for sure.
You may want to check because I think transporting beef is a big no no.

Even Mexico will take your beef jerky if they find it, they have dogs trained to find it
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