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Found some matches.
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I've used my Bandera for over 15 years. Loved it and babied it as much as possible. Of course my covers would only last a couple of years ,then it would be back at the mercy of mother nature. She finally won and the firebox was completely rusted through on the smokebox side with serious rust through on the front side. I debated on getting the firebox rebuilt but the smokebox wasn't in great shape either. I reluctantly played a chorus of taps and started my search for a new smoker. That's when I ran across this forum.I had finally settled on an Oklahoma Joe Highland. It was the same brand (kinda) and was in my price range. Wally World had them for 268 which I felt was a pretty good deal but I thought I might check Google and Craigslist to see if I might snag one cheaper. That's when I ran into a unicorn hiding in the bushes a mere 100 miles away. 75 bucks and a 4 hour round trip and I had bagged that sucker. I'm about half way through with the restoration.

This is the Craigslist pic...

Here it is in it's current state...

I've got to put another coat or two of Rustolium on it and get some Nomex for the door and lid. I didn't do any mods to my first one...what are some easy "must do" mods that I need?
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