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Folks I have looked for this site for some time. I am sooo happy to have found this place. My bandera story started with someone else owning it. I cooked on it a bit and knew it was a great smoker. When I left, I knew that was not going with me, and started looking for one right off. Found one on my way to work every day. I called the man and he said yeah it is for sale but no you wont pay what I want. When he told me, I told him sold. He couldn't believe I would buy it without looking at it. It is one of the older thick material ones.

I do plan on doing all the much needed mods, but I had thought about using ceramic tile in the fire box........

One other question and yall may think I am nuts for this, but it is my feeling, that the fat needs to get into the fire, as I like the flavor, plus will make the fire last much longer on my other smoker. Has anyone made anything to get some of the drippings over to the fire box? I had thought of using a1 inch strip to catch some and let it run down and over to the fire box. I figure it will get too hot and vaporize and never make it. May be more trouble than it is worth.
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