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Found some matches.

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Originally Posted by Funtimebbq View Post
The more tables a contest has, the easier it is to make sure a team does not hit the same table more than once. Think about it, if a contest has 13 tables, only 3 of those had that team's 3 prior turn-ins (less than 25%). If there were only 4 tables, 75% would have had a team's 3 prior meats.

I also believe table captains are given sheets to mark off and check to make sure they don't get the same boxes twice. Maybe that only happens with certain KCBS reps, I'm not sure.
You're correct, the more tables, the eaiser to prevent duplicates. If there are at least four tables there should be no duplicates although with this few tables this takes a bit of planning and coordination but it's possible.
I believe ALL Reps are to use the tracking sheets. If they don't, how do they prevent duplicates? You can have a table captain OCCASIONALLY not cross off all the boxes on his tracking slip and then pick up a duplicate box however this should be extremely rare.
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