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What was interesting to me was that we were told in the cooks meeting that this was a true double blind system. After the competition I was looking over the new score sheet with a fellow competitor and his family member judged the comp. She also looked at my score sheet (first time she has seen it as well) and said she can tell me exactly what she scored me (and any other competitor for that matter) if she sees thier score sheet since she knew her table number and seat number.

She seemed to think the old way was more "blind" as she never remembered the alternate numbers that the teams were given upon turn-in and our old score cards did not say what table number our entry was on.

I have never judged so I don't know what goes on "behind the curtain" but it seems to me like the old score sheets were more "blind" than the new ones? Does this make sense?

Don't get me wrong - as a competitor I really like the new score sheets especially seeing what other teams were on my same table.
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