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Originally Posted by Rockinar View Post
My opinion...

Workhorse Pits "tack-tac-tack" welds. Not acceptable at all in any way, shape or form. I never in my life seen any pit builder resort to this. You can see each weld theres a "blob" with a dimple in the middle. That's because it's not a weld bead, just a bunch of overlaying tacks. They just strung together a bunch of temporary tacks in a line in attempt to make it look pretty. There's not going to be any proper fusion at all. This is what you do when you first buy a welder off Ebay and keep blowing holes in everything because you don't know what you're doing, but want the "stack of dimes" look. You will resort to doing this "tack tack tack" method. In the bottom picture it's an outside corner joint, and the tacks don't even fill up the bevel. I'm totally stunned to see a "pit builder" doing this in a commercial setting. The "tack tack tack" is what you do on body panel sheet metal. Not 3/8ths thick steel.

The entire pits are done using this horrible "tack" method. You can see each weld blob has a dimple in it.

Here's a Moberg. That's a proper weld and solid bead. No dimples. That will hold up to any test and last a million years.

Here's a Millscale Metal Works weld. This is years of skill on full display. Pure art. This is what the Workhorse guy is trying to emulate, but he can't do it because he can't weld. So he does the "tack-tack-tack" method to get close as possible and it just results in blob mess all over the smoker.

hate to brake your hart but those are not tacks that is from manipulateing the weld puddle i would venture to say the workhorse pit was welded with a larger size mig wire the the millscale welder is more than likly a more skilled welder but i would say the millscale weld used smaller wire with a gas cover but tac tac tac no
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