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Originally Posted by Harbormaster View Post
I would like to have tried one of those God-awful smoked salmon stuffed peppers. Do you think a different pepper would have made a difference? Maybe a different cheese like a mozarella or a gouda?
I s'pose if the salmon was pretty smokey, then it may have been less than palatable. What did you cook them on, the ECB? Maybe the smoke was too thick. I know with the high humidity I had trouble with my offset and a WSM this weekend. Couldn't get temps up.
As I sit here trying to distract myself from the horrible condition this particular MRI system is in - here are a few more thoughts about my salmon stuffed peppers from this past weekend.

I think that 'stale' smoke was definately one factor. With the high humidity - there didn't seem to be alot of 'movement' through everything.

I also used my 'Apple Jack' recipe of smoked salmon - as that what was in the fridge. My Apple Jack salmon is fairly salty and hard smoked. It was also King Salmon - which is very rich in oil. That oil probably absorbed ALOT of the additional smoky flavor.

When I revisit this, I'll proably use one of my 'Sweeter' recipes for smoked salmon and a less fatty salmon like pinks or cohos. Not only is the recipe less salty - but it isn't smoked as long.

Then there was the texture thing. Once I broke down the salmon into the cheese mix - there was nothing to maintain the texture of the pepper. Maybe add a crust of crushed saltines or add scallions into the salmon/cheese mixture.

Finally the actual pepper. The sweet peppers definately were NOT the way to go with this. I also think that jalapenos would be too hot. Maybe I'll try a poblano or something else that has mild to mid range heat levels.

But all of this hinges on how good the fishing is in a few weeks (and the quality of my guide - heheheh)............
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