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Default I'm with PA BBQ Bandit.....hooked!!!!

Since a buddy of mine started talking about a Stumps smoker a little over a month ago it has gotten me back into smokin big time!!!! In that time I have built 2 UDS(in love with them) started saving for either a spinewine or a stumps, gotten 3 webers, a new 22 1/2", a freebie 18 1/2" in great shape and a red weber from a cust. of mine that I put on one of the UDS's.
The last month weekend dinners have consisted of porkbutt, fatties, ribs, ABT's, chicken and today a 5 1/2# chuck roast, a split chicken and about 25 ABT's.
I promise pics will follow, waiting for the camera from the wife.
Now I am thinking of entering a non sanctioned contest in a little town that has a big pork festival this summer.

I have gotten so much info from you guys and appreciate all the help more than you can believe.


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