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Considering the state of things today, I don't think another lockdown is really possible. With the RIOTS, I suspect in ~3 weeks there will be a pretty big spike in Coronavirus related cases though, I suspect most of those people won't honor social distancing or other related mandates. I also tend to think most local government agencies won't or can't withstand another lockdown and the economic impacts it would bring.

Whether state parks would be open is an unknown if things take a turn for the worse.

Having Texas DPS stop out of state vehicle plates for a 14-day quarantine will be unenforceable this time if it happens again. It is one thing to have two or three cars from Louisianna but, 30 or 50 plus others from other states will overwhelm resources. Now add, law enforcement requirements to deal with RIOTS and other civil disorder and, who is left to deal with quarantine enforcement. Add young adults going to the beach, etc. and again resources are stretched too thin to enforce another wide-scale shutdown.

Whether we want to travel under conditions like that is a different issue.

Most of the people I know are more concerned with haircuts than Coronavirus so, let's just say my expectations are pretty low for another lockdown with any real effect on the general population. Not to mention the election-related disturbances whether you are for or against Trump or Biden or Antifa or BLM or ...!
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